What is heads up poker

Experts in poker industry are of the opinion that heads-up Poker is the most authentic variant of poker. This game is little different from others as in this, a player has to compete against the other players with all his skills and should find different ways to take advantage of the gaming styles of them, to finally emerge as the winner in the game. Several times in the game competition will be in between players who are not experienced in game. For being successful in heads-up poker, it is important to design a winning strategy before entering or starting the game.

Rules of Heads-Up Poker:

The heads-up Poker has got certain rules for playing and majority of them are similar to the rules of other games. The major dissimilarity between heads-up poker game and the other poker game is the manner how the blinds change their position. The other major difference is number of entrants or players in the game. Generally in Heads-up Texas Hold’em, one player will deal the button and acts small blind while the other player acts big blind. The first poker card will be dealt by the player with the dealer button and it changes with every hand.

Each player deals with two cards which are faced down. Betting is started by the player who plays big blind.  Players deal the flop after finish the first betting round. After shifting the first betting round, the player away from the button, will start betting. Now the turn will be dealt, after finishing this round. Now with the fifth card in those community cards, river will be dealt. Now, again a new betting round will be started, by the player, playing big blind, and prior to the showdown. The player has an option to fold to bet at anytime and with this the hand be ended early.

Heads-up Poker Strategy:

A proper winning strategy has to be designed by the player, to lead the game. This point is very essential for players and has to be taken proper care.

  • Selection of the hand is very important. You have to play with what you have in your hands.
  • Learn how to bluff while playing. This helps you to push your opponent out of the pot and hence you get a chance to lead the game.
  • Trapping is one the best points in making a strategy. By this you can throw the opponent out of the balance, thus you get an edge over the opponent.
  • “Value betting” is a nice concept. By this you can attract extra benefits and bonus amounts by rightly betting at right time in a right manner.
  • Never go too long with the hands when you know you are going to loose the game.
  • Many poker rooms try to motivate you to make a draw in the bet, but with this you might loose your money. Be care full with such things.

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Page Updated: June 18, 2011

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