Poker Cash Game Strategy – How to play like the pros?

Playing poker cash game is different from playing a poker tournament and players should understand this to be able to put in the required strategy for the same. Often players consider the two forms of poker as similar and apply similar strategies, which is not correct. Cash games can bring in good money for the players interested. While strategies are highly important to win at the poker cash games, it is the virtue of patience, which is regarded as the prime attributed required for a poker player. Patience lets a player take decisions as per the situation and not as per the decision that the others want him to take. Other than this, a poker player interested in playing the cash game can follow the given strategies:

Play the odds: a good cash game strategy is to give your self the best odds to win the game and a large sum of money. You should not hurry and take hasty decisions, which your mind does not allow you to take but at the same time, you should not avoid taking chances for the fear of losing money. There has to be a balance between the two so that there are enough opportunities to make money. A player must be able to pick the right time to be aggressive or docile while in a cash game.

Do not quit when ahead: the strategy to quit when you are ahead of other players is valid for players of crap and blackjack but not for poker players. Instead of quitting at a stage when you are ahead of others and making good money, you should take the advantage of leading and double your position.

Play less hands: contrary to the belief of playing more hands in a poker game, the right strategy for a poker cash game is to play fewer games. There is no reason to play more games and jeopardize your situation. The strategy of playing more games might be working in a poker tournament but not at the poker cash game. Moreover, the things that are more important than the number of hands are the pot odds, the opponent and the overall position. As a player, you must concentrate on these things first, look at the hand that you have and then make up your mind on what to do.

The right strategy for a poker cash game is to keep to the basics and apply the basic rules of playing poker. Each player has his individual style of playing poker and therefore, there cannot be any one strategy for the cash game. However, the players by following the basic rules of poker can still make good profits. Real money is not at the WSOP but at the cash games that are played before and after the WSOP. Therefore, those players interested in making money at poker should concentrate on the cash games and follow the rules of poker. The above-mentioned tips would help the players in achieving their goal of winning at the poker cash games.

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Page Updated: August 22, 2011

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