How to Play Omaha Poker

The structure of the game of Omaha poker is quite similar to that of Texas Hold’em and for this reason, often the two games are compared to each other.

Although much remains the same between the two forms, the Omaha poker has 4 hole cards while there are just two in the case of Texas Hold’em. The objective of the game of Omaha poker is to make the best hand of five cards from the 9 cards available, however with the compulsion of having to use two of the four hole cards.

Since there are 9 cards available to the players, there can be several combinations in the game. Players therefore, have to be cautious in judging their hands. The rules of the game might initially seem to be a little tedious but they are not difficult to master. For those who seek to win big at poker, this is the game to be. Here are the steps on how the game is played:

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Two things remain constant at the start of play of Omaha poker. These are the button and the blind. The button is a disc, which signifies the dealer for the hand and therefore, is placed before the person, who is set to deal. The blinds are forced bets, which have to be placed by two players to the left of the dealer. These are forced bets because the players have to make these bets even prior to seeing their cards. The person on the immediate left of the button places a small blind, which is usually, half the chips of the big blind placed by the second person to the left of the button or dealer.

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Initially four hole cards are dealt face down. The players can check their hole cards to decide whether they wish to play or not. When the round of betting reaches a particular player, he may decide whether he wishes to raise the bet, call the bet or fold in. The betting continues to the left of the dealer till all players have called, folded or raised. Those players staying to play the game must match either the big blind bet or the raised bet if the bet has been increased. However, on one’s turn, he has the option to fold any time.

Three cards symbolizing the flop are dealt face up. These are community cards, available for all the players. Betting follows after the flop is dealt. Once all bets are raised or matched, the dealer deals the next card. This card is called the turn card and is dealt face up. This is again a community card available to all players. As stated above, another round of betting takes place with players having the option to raise, call or fold.

The players remaining after this round of betting have the chance to see the “river” or the final card. The players get yet another community card and now they have to make the best 5-card hand out of the cards using the community cards and two of their hole cards. Again betting follows; this finally results in showdown, between the players, remaining. The player with the best hand wins the game and the pot.

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