Poker Bubble Strategy – How to play correctly?

A sporting term ‘bubble’ means to be the ‘unfortunate last one out’. When the term is applied to poker, it denotes the first spot that is paid as per the prize distribution. Therefore, if in a poker game, the prize money is distributed among the top 30 players, the 31st player is said to be “on the bubble”. Handling the bubble needs an effective strategy, which is based on whether the player is playing for cash or for winning. Since both situations are slightly different, the players need to use different techniques to play the bubble.

The chip position and bankroll play a major role in deciding the strategy to be used while playing the bubble. A player playing the tournament just for the sake of getting his bankroll better to stay afloat in the tournament would have to use a different strategy than the one having a good bankroll, playing the tournament for winning. If a player is amply stocked on the bankroll, he can take the chips from players who are staying in the game with the intention to survive. Being aggressive at this time is the order of the strategy. The player with the approach to win can raise and then re-raise the positions, with marginal holdings, as he knows that his opponents are folding their hands. Aggressive play during the bubble can enhance one’s odds of winning the game and making high profits.

However, if the stack size of a player is small, then the approach to tackle the bubble period is different. Conservative play during this play is then used by players and they play only the premium hands. The player with a small stack then relies on others to fold in first so that his position is secured. This is because the player with the small stack cannot take chances and blow up his limited stack. He needs cash to keep playing.

Things change considerably as the bubble bursts. Those players who are playing to win start calculating the chips they need to reach the table, where the final contention for the win would begin. Now that they have made the money at the bubble, they need to win the tournament. Players must concentrate on the players who are tightening up and eyeing the stacks at the adjacent tables. Players eyeing a win can remove the tightening players off with marginal hands. The strategy is to bet freely, so that they are forced to fold most of their hands, except for the premium ones.

Play becomes quite aggressive in an online bubble situation. Players with deep stacks become more aggressive while the players with small stacks start hitting the auto-fold button more frequently. The bully at the table starts raising at every hand. The strategy to play a bubble in such a situation is to go snug in the initial few levels and watch the opponents. With a good hand, you can play aggressively and start putting pressure on the blinds. Playing against the flow of the opponents is a good strategy and can bring chances of pouncing on them when they seem to lose out.

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Rush Poker Strategy – Play online Rush Poker

fulltilt pokerRush Poker is a new format of poker that was launched exclusively on Full Tilt Poker. In fact the game is so revolutionary that Full Tilt have patented the idea to position itself from other online poker sites.

How is Rush Poker different?

I think one of the most notable differences of Rush Poker is that you will be playing against new opponents every hand. Full Tilt Poker chooses players randomly from the “Rush Poker” player pool. For example, if there were 100 players playing 100nl Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker, before every hand is dealt, you will see new faces at the table, picked from the 100 players who are playing 100nl rush poker at the time.

Due to the differences in the way the game plays, the common question many Rush Poker players ask is – is there a winning strategy for Rush Poker?

Generally speaking, there are a few adjustments you should be making from what you are accustomed to when playing your normal games.

Due to the lack of history you have with your opponents, most rush poker players tend to play tighter then normal since it can be difficult to know where you are at post flop. But playing similar to everyone else if not what is going to be profitable. If most regs were adopting a tighter style, then it would be beneficial to take advantage of their passiveness by identifying spots where you can be aggressive with well-timed bluffs. However, you would only do this against regulars who you know are capable of folding.

In Rush Poker ring games, because its still a relatively new poker game and format, it does tend to attract more fish and recreational players and you definitely don’t want to be trying to bluff them since you know they are not capable of folding if they have hit any piece of the board.

Although you are playing against opponents “readless” in Rush Poker it shouldn’t take you very long to figure out whether an opponent is fishy or a regular player and adjust accordingly. Usually the gap between the VPIP and PFR tells a lot about their tendencies. If they are playing a lot of hands and there is a big gap between their VPIP/PFR that’s usually a good sign they are pretty bad. The main aim against these types of players is to bet strongly with your premium holdings and avoid bluffing them.

Even though you are somewhat “readless” when you first start playing Rush Poker, it’s the same for all of your opponents. Once you start playing a lot of Rush Poker you are going to encounter the same players again and developing a history on your opponents, even in Rush Poker games, which you can use to your advantage. For example, some regs will play a very straightforward game and you will be able to 3 bet them light relentlessly because you know they will always fold, etc.

The thing about Rush Poker is that even though you are constantly moving tables and playing against new opponents, you will still find different playing styles and personalities on the tables. Not dissimilar to normal ring games, you want to be able to identify the type of poker players who are at your table to exploit the weaknesses, since playing against “readless” opponents can be a difficult proposition.

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