What’s next for Pokerstars

pokerstarsPokerstars shutdown has been brought about by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of gambling illegally and committing bank fraud. This happened on 15th April 2011. This decision has affected only the players in the United States. This site is available to all players worldwide.

The government has announced few days back that people can now cash out as far as Pokerstars is concerned. Pokerstars has also stated that all the funds of its players will be distributed back to them in a smooth way. This news must have come as a sigh of relief to many people. Pokerstars have control over the software involved for the game and they are expected to work out things with the Department of Justice and find a way out to give back the deposits to the players. They have assured the players that they will get their money back. However, they have not promised yet whether the bonuses or the points would be redistributed after the Pokerstars shutdown.

All people outside the United States will still be able to play even after the Pokerstars shutdown. Play is going on as usual but the numbers of entrants have reduced as there were periods of brief discontinuance for people in various countries but the site is now functioning clearly.

Pokerstars shutdown has not affected players who are not in the United States. Their operation worldwide goes on as usual and they are one of the largest online poker game companies in the world. Pokerstars are spending an annual budget running into millions of dollars on tournament funding, advertising and sponsoring. In addition to this, television networks have been broadcasting live poker series.

People are raising issues on many forums that the government is being unduly harsh on online poker gamblers, particularly with Pokerstars because this website is an offshore one. People do not find the online poker gambling any different than going to a convenience store and betting about fifty dollars on lotto or scratch offs. They don’t find this any different even from going to the horse races and placing bets there. Many people in the United States are now feeling that the government is depriving them of their democratic right by cracking down on online poker sites like Pokerstars. Pokerstars shutdown has not gone down well with most people and especially with those who have their money tied up with it.

These same people may have to appreciate that since the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006; companies have gone around the laws and not played it by the book. For example, if someone made a deposit on Pokerstars, it may not show that the deposit has been made with them but with some other enterprise. This is to create a loophole in the direct deposit restriction for players within the United States.

The players, who are using other online live poker sites apart from the three who have been frozen, feel that the other sites are providing online poker legally and abiding by the framework set up for them. The Pokerstars shutdown has taught a lesson to all online poker players in the United States that they have to make some right choices by staying on the secured and legal online poker sites.

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What’s next for Full Tilt Poker

fulltilt poker

Updated Full Tilt news: Full Tilt License suspended and Full Tilt to be sold.

The ‘Full Tilt Poker’ shutdown of the online poker games for US players has been ordered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on 15th April 2011, on account of the charges laid against the company for offenses committed in the shape of illegal gambling, money laundering and bank fraud. A point to be noted is that the ‘Full Tilt Poker’ shutdown is only applicable to the residents of the United States. All other players, worldwide, can access this online poker game website and play normally and legally. Despite the shutdown that has been announced, it is still one of the most popular and best online poker sites.

The decision on ‘Full Tilt Poker’ shutdown has affected all players who visit the poker games online in the United States as they cannot access this website. The players in the United States are now forbidden from real money playing at ‘Full Tilt Poker’. The players outside the United States of America are, however, able to access this site online and enter to play.

‘Full Tilt Poker’ is shutdown because it has faced charges of money laundering and bank fraud about three weeks back. Action has still not been taken against the management of the company as they are now based outside the United States of America. The company had shifted base from Los Angeles to Dublin in Ireland when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was introduced in the United States in 2006.

The management, however, of ‘Full Tilt Poker’ has replied to its customers in wake of this charges and the shutdown that they are very much legal and have not done anything as charged and that they have full confidence that they will be exonerated. The management seemed not shaken by this turn of events and declared to the press that despite some accounts being frozen, they wanted to satisfy their customers by assuring them that the money of the players will be remaining secured and that the proposals for withdrawing and depositing will be attended to normally. They assured all the players in the United States that the process is available to them to access. They also announced that the business would be normal outside the United States and that they remained dedicated to the safety and security of the players and their money and that they will endeavour to keep providing safe poker online on a global basis.

The ‘Full Tilt Poker’ shutdown has created a furore and ripples in the online poker game world. The government has not released much news on this subject since the shutdown about three weeks back. Countless gamblers online are hoping and waiting with bated breath on how and when to get back their deposits. No one knows how much time it will take for ‘Full Tilt Poker’ website to be cleared.

The question that many people are asking is why all the online poker sites were not shut down by the government. To understand this, we have to know that the law in the United States on online gambling states that money cannot be transferred from a United States bank to an online casino account and the reverse also applies. Some online poker companies are taking direct deposit from all except the residents of the United States and they are abiding by the book. If it is proved that ‘Full Tilt Poker’ has taken direct deposits from people within the United States, then they will be accused and convicted of the charges laid against them.

This turn of events suggests that the ‘Full Tilt Poker’ shutdown, which may have been sparked and pointed at by several land based casinos, may be the initial step towards a complete legalization of online poker in the United States.

In conclusion Full Tilt poker is still a legal and one of the most popular poker sites in the world for non-US players. Read our review and enter the Full Tilt Poker Referral Code when depositing.