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calculatem proCalculatem Pro is considered as the best selling calculator to analyze Poker Odds and has the ability to work with more than 100 poker rooms like Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and more. The odds set by this calculator are usually demonstrated in Ratios or percentages and chances. While you play the game, Calculatem Pro analyzes it and calculates the odds as well as gives you valuable advice to take your move smartly and quickly.

Today, Calculatem Pro is one of the best poker odds calculators of Texas Holdem on the present market. With this tool you can see real-time hand odds as well as pot odds, an invincible feature of Calculatem Pro which will enable you to lead the competition.

These calculators are ideal for novice players as it saves the players’ time from doing funny guess work. You will get tips of which hands can be good and what are dreadful in Texas Holdem. This tool applies “Fold Depth” technology that helps in improving calculations where you can easily switch up your response time. But the only thing is you have to set Calculatem Pro in such a way so that you can show your cards while folding and carry on with your game virtually.

Pot Odds section of Calculatem Pro is in fact the prevalent feature of this tool as it applies sophisticated mathematical formulas which enables each player to make a decision whether the probable reward for becoming successful in the game can outweigh the price of taking an attempt.

After downloading the Calculatem Pro software, it’s important to establish a site which is safe to use, reliable and trustworthy. Finding an eCogra certified online gaming site, is also highly recommended. The eCogra stamp will help verify sites who abide by the eCogra certification, and in most cases this will help ensure the safety and security of people using sites marked with the eCogra stamp. Betway Casino are one example of an eCogra certified website, however there are many others which have been listed in this top10 list of poker sites.

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Few noteworthy features of Calculatem Pro are graphical views of each table; play meters that are usually color-coded and diagrammatic deck representations which craft the poker odds with its statistics easy to access. The advice offered here is very easy to follow and proceed in the game. What makes this tool more popular is you can actually customize and adjust the Calculatem Pro according to your need and work smoothly using them.

Poker when played online, people have different experience as they do not have to face any opponent. It is here bluffing is very difficult and different strategies should be applied to lead the game. You can actually get few innovative strategies when you are using Calculatem Pro such as on the spot odds as well as recommendations that will enable you to take the best step. But downloaded version of Calculatem Pro will never give expectant result. With downloaded software what you can expect is the statistically-calculated advice; it is you who should take the final decision when you are playing with such downloaded option.

Calculatem Pro, the ground-breaking poker calculators ever available online and has gained popularity due to its pioneering features and up-to-the-minute interface. Today more than 250 poker rooms online are compatible with Calculatem Pro and what makes it viable is that such tool is available free of cost when you who sign up to play in any poker site.

Now you can get extensive assortment of real time poker odds while you opt for online version of such game together with betting advice using this magnificent tool to make your best move while betting.

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Poker tools

poker toolsAre poker tools really worth it? The short answer is YES. If you are a recreational player, then you may not need a poker tool, However if you play poker to win some money, then you will need at least one poker tool.

Poker tools can be used for different purposes: odds calculator, winning advice, hand analysis etc.

Calculatem Pro:

Probably the most important poker tool is the odds calculator and there is no better tool that can do the job then Calculatem Pro. You don’t have to count outs and you don’t even need to know what outs are. Calculatem Pro tells you the hand and pot odds and it also tells you whether to Fold, Check, Call, Raise or Re-Raise. The graphical interface is very user friendly.

The best part is that you can get this poker tool for free.

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Texas Calculatem:

Another great tool is Texas Calculatem. The difference between Calculatem Pro and Texas Calculatem is that the first calculates both pot odds and hand odds, whereas Texas Calculatem only calculates the odds of your winning hands.

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