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poker toolsAre poker tools really worth it? The short answer is YES. If you are a recreational player, then you may not need a poker tool, However if you play poker to win some money, then you will need at least one poker tool.

Poker tools can be used for different purposes: odds calculator, winning advice, hand analysis etc.

Calculatem Pro:

Probably the most important poker tool is the odds calculator and there is no better tool that can do the job then Calculatem Pro. You don’t have to count outs and you don’t even need to know what outs are. Calculatem Pro tells you the hand and pot odds and it also tells you whether to Fold, Check, Call, Raise or Re-Raise. The graphical interface is very user friendly.

The best part is that you can get this poker tool for free.

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Texas Calculatem:

Another great tool is Texas Calculatem. The difference between Calculatem Pro and Texas Calculatem is that the first calculates both pot odds and hand odds, whereas Texas Calculatem only calculates the odds of your winning hands.

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Page Updated: May 12, 2011

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