Online Poker vs Live Poker

Online Poker is any day better than Live Poker.

Many people nowadays want to play a game of poker online and simply refuse to play it live. There are others who achieve a right mix between the live games and the online ones. This happens when we have our regular friends or club members that we would like to relax and spend time with besides playing a game of poker with them. Since the advent of internet, online poker has picked up tremendously and has become very popular. Yet, there are still some people who prefer the feel of the greenish table felt to the click of their mouses. It is this lot who have missed out in coming to grips with the great possibilities that are on offer by playing poker online. Online poker vs. live poker will make the edge tilt heavily in favor of online poker.

The main reason why playing poker online is better than playing it live is because there is always a game available to be played. Particularly, the evenings of weekdays and weekends will find hundreds of people entering the online poker games. There are people we will find any time of the day round the week at online poker. For the online poker enthusiasts, an irritating aspect of playing live is to wait until they find enough players to start playing the game whenever they want to play. With playing online poker vs. live poker, we do not have to wait so much even though we may not always find a game of our preference instantly.
While playing online poker vs. live poker, we do not have to gout of the house. We can be very much comfortable inside. We save on the traveling expense and the worry of getting back home early to rest after driving through the traffic on the roads. We also save money on the food and the drinks at the club or casino.

Online poker vs. live poker is less expensive. If we go to a card room in a club or a casino, we may not find the rakes priced lower and sometimes when we win a hand, the dealers expect a tip from us.

Online poker vs. live poker wins because with on+line poker, there are many hands in ratio per hour. There is no waiting for the cards to be shuffled by the dealer. When the ratio of hands per hour is high with online poker, we get so many more chances and higher strike rate of succeeding. There are some online players of poker who want to play on several tables simultaneously like, say, playing ‘Scrabble’ online. The hand per hour ratio multiplies even more with this scenario. When we spread our kitty across many tables at lower stakes online, our risk ratio of losing heavy amounts comes down drastically. While playing live poker, we have to keep track of our wins losses or even our breaking even. We do not have to do this with online poker because we get access to our game history and statistics. So, online poker vs. live poker wins hands down comprehensively.

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Page Updated: May 2, 2011

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