Everest Poker deposit bonus

Everest poker room is an online poker site offering multi-national and multi-lingual poker rooms to players, with their base in Canada. Players from various parts of the world come to play Texas Hold’em poker games in these rooms.

The main attraction of this poker room is the easy to install software that is being used. Users can easily install the software to get connected to the various poker games available in the poker rooms. You can download the software from the option available in their website. Automatic downloading is possible, though there can be some security warnings popping up. You can opt a quick virus scan to ensure that the download is not interfering with the security of your computer.

As different from other poker rooms, you can easily use the client in this poker room. The less complicated graphics are comfortable to understand and hence navigation is clear to players. Clients could be run on all systems, both traditional and modern.

For novice users, the poker room has various arrangements which make playing easier and comfortable at the table. The site has a guide which will take players through all basic steps required to play the table. This includes installation of client, selecting the game and joining the poker room.

You can enjoy various free test plays, Omaha and Texas poker games, tournaments and other money games in the poker room. There are all variations of Texas hold’em including no limit, pot limit as well as fixed limit versions.

The most important and popular advantage of this poker room is the facility to watch poker games without having to register in the site. As soon as you join the poker room, you will get a welcome bonus of $200. When you start earning summit points through playing games for cash, you will get this bonus converted into cash. As you play more, you will be eligible for more and more points. 
Everest poker room always entertains novice and new players. New players can use the training room provided in their website to learn the basics of the poker games.

You will be playing against computer players at the tables and the games will be played for free. This is to avoid the risks of losing money at the poker table. Also you will be playing without any tensions as on real poker table. This tension free mind will help you to learn more about poker games.

everest poker deposit bonus

The poker room maintains a safe and secure environment for playing poker games. The use of approved random number generators and shuffle systems ensure that the game is free of any kind of malpractices and cheatings. Payment processing is completely secured with the use of the 128 bit encryption systems. 

One of the main reasons for which this poker room is famous among poker lovers is the disconnect bet protection system. This is intended to help players if they lose the connection to the computer server when playing a hand. In such situations of server failure, you will be considered to be in to get the entire amount you have in your hand. To ensure the security and reliability of this system, they have special features incorporated to make sure that players are not misusing this facility. At the same time, this provides complete assurance and relaxation to players who are worried about their unstable server connection when playing at the tables.

Expert customer support is delivered to players at any point during playing. 
These advanced facilities provided in Everest poker room gives the room a high rating from the part of customers.

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everest poker bonus


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