What is heads up poker

Experts in poker industry are of the opinion that heads-up Poker is the most authentic variant of poker. This game is little different from others as in this, a player has to compete against the other players with all his skills and should find different ways to take advantage of the gaming styles of them, to finally emerge as the winner in the game. Several times in the game competition will be in between players who are not experienced in game. For being successful in heads-up poker, it is important to design a winning strategy before entering or starting the game.

Rules of Heads-Up Poker:

The heads-up Poker has got certain rules for playing and majority of them are similar to the rules of other games. The major dissimilarity between heads-up poker game and the other poker game is the manner how the blinds change their position. The other major difference is number of entrants or players in the game. Generally in Heads-up Texas Hold’em, one player will deal the button and acts small blind while the other player acts big blind. The first poker card will be dealt by the player with the dealer button and it changes with every hand.

Each player deals with two cards which are faced down. Betting is started by the player who plays big blind.  Players deal the flop after finish the first betting round. After shifting the first betting round, the player away from the button, will start betting. Now the turn will be dealt, after finishing this round. Now with the fifth card in those community cards, river will be dealt. Now, again a new betting round will be started, by the player, playing big blind, and prior to the showdown. The player has an option to fold to bet at anytime and with this the hand be ended early.

Heads-up Poker Strategy:

A proper winning strategy has to be designed by the player, to lead the game. This point is very essential for players and has to be taken proper care.

  • Selection of the hand is very important. You have to play with what you have in your hands.
  • Learn how to bluff while playing. This helps you to push your opponent out of the pot and hence you get a chance to lead the game.
  • Trapping is one the best points in making a strategy. By this you can throw the opponent out of the balance, thus you get an edge over the opponent.
  • “Value betting” is a nice concept. By this you can attract extra benefits and bonus amounts by rightly betting at right time in a right manner.
  • Never go too long with the hands when you know you are going to loose the game.
  • Many poker rooms try to motivate you to make a draw in the bet, but with this you might loose your money. Be care full with such things.

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Party Poker vs Full Tilt Poker

party poker vs full tilt pokerThis website is getting a lot of attention since April 15th, the black Friday in online poker. The major poker sites like Full Tilt Poker, Pokerstars and UB/AP were temporarily shut down. US players can no longer join these poker sites and non-us players are unsure, where to play. Everybody is looking to find the most trusted poker site.

Before the UIGEA in 2006 Party Poker was the biggest poker site. After the UIGEA Partypoker had to close its doors to US player and this is how full tilt and stars got their current player base.

If you are unsure where to play poker: Party Poker, Full Tilt or Stars, I’d recommend party poker. They proved more then once, that they are a serious poker site, that is always playing by the rules. Party Poker has the same bonuses and blind/payout structures are their competitors. They are listed in the London Stock Exchange and are based in Gibraltar (tax advantage for most EU players). The situation of Full Tilt is still unclear. The players are complaining about not getting paid, and the poker site has lost some of the trust of the players.

Many players have already migrated to party poker and they love it. It’s the most popular poker site of our users. Currently party poker is having a great bonus: 100% first deposit bonus up to $500 if you use the partypoker bonus code DZ500 and first depositor freerolls + other great promotions.

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Calculatem Pro

calculatem proCalculatem Pro is considered as the best selling calculator to analyze Poker Odds and has the ability to work with more than 100 poker rooms like Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and more. The odds set by this calculator are usually demonstrated in Ratios or percentages and chances. While you play the game, Calculatem Pro analyzes it and calculates the odds as well as gives you valuable advice to take your move smartly and quickly.

Today, Calculatem Pro is one of the best poker odds calculators of Texas Holdem on the present market. With this tool you can see real-time hand odds as well as pot odds, an invincible feature of Calculatem Pro which will enable you to lead the competition.

These calculators are ideal for novice players as it saves the players’ time from doing funny guess work. You will get tips of which hands can be good and what are dreadful in Texas Holdem. This tool applies “Fold Depth” technology that helps in improving calculations where you can easily switch up your response time. But the only thing is you have to set Calculatem Pro in such a way so that you can show your cards while folding and carry on with your game virtually.

Pot Odds section of Calculatem Pro is in fact the prevalent feature of this tool as it applies sophisticated mathematical formulas which enables each player to make a decision whether the probable reward for becoming successful in the game can outweigh the price of taking an attempt.

After downloading the Calculatem Pro software, it’s important to establish a site which is safe to use, reliable and trustworthy. Finding an eCogra certified online gaming site, is also highly recommended. The eCogra stamp will help verify sites who abide by the eCogra certification, and in most cases this will help ensure the safety and security of people using sites marked with the eCogra stamp. Betway Casino are one example of an eCogra certified website, however there are many others which have been listed in this top10 list of poker sites.

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Few noteworthy features of Calculatem Pro are graphical views of each table; play meters that are usually color-coded and diagrammatic deck representations which craft the poker odds with its statistics easy to access. The advice offered here is very easy to follow and proceed in the game. What makes this tool more popular is you can actually customize and adjust the Calculatem Pro according to your need and work smoothly using them.

Poker when played online, people have different experience as they do not have to face any opponent. It is here bluffing is very difficult and different strategies should be applied to lead the game. You can actually get few innovative strategies when you are using Calculatem Pro such as on the spot odds as well as recommendations that will enable you to take the best step. But downloaded version of Calculatem Pro will never give expectant result. With downloaded software what you can expect is the statistically-calculated advice; it is you who should take the final decision when you are playing with such downloaded option.

Calculatem Pro, the ground-breaking poker calculators ever available online and has gained popularity due to its pioneering features and up-to-the-minute interface. Today more than 250 poker rooms online are compatible with Calculatem Pro and what makes it viable is that such tool is available free of cost when you who sign up to play in any poker site.

Now you can get extensive assortment of real time poker odds while you opt for online version of such game together with betting advice using this magnificent tool to make your best move while betting.

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Paypal poker sites

paypal poker sitesA PayPal poker site is gaining in popularity day by day, especially with online poker players in the European continent, mainly due to the fact that the poker sites provide the comfort and convenience of playing poker online with the use of a PayPal account. If we compare all the other payment methods that are available nowadays for playing online poker, this system beats the others with its low fees and instant transactions when depositing to the poker room or withdrawing from the poker room.

Usually A PayPal poker site also accepts payment by debit cards, giving the players instant entry to their funds round the clock. This has to be the biggest benefit for players on a PayPal poker site. Some systems make people wait for a minimum of three days to make a withdrawal from a site. It does not happen here with a PayPal poker site. This site will have the players’ payments processed under six hours at the most.

A point has to be noted that a PayPal poker site is very popular in Europe alone because the North American players from Canada and the United States of America are not allowed to deposit and play with PayPal money. A PayPal poker site requires deposits online in Sterling Pounds, US dollars and Euros only and is primarily confined to the players from European countries alone.

There are six accepted online poker sites that are linked with PayPal: ‘888 Poker’, “Ladbrokes Poker’, ‘William Hill Poker’, ‘BWIN Poker’, ‘Paddy Power Poker’ and ‘Betfair Poker’.

At ‘888 Poker, people get excited about low and higher stakes, hot wins and many kinds of promotions. Many types of skilled poker players are found here. There are possibilities to win admissions to the biggest poker tournaments. There is a superlative welcome bonus on the initial deposit.

At ‘Ladbrokes Poker’, welcome bonus at the initial deposit is again great. It is considered as one of Europe’s leading online poker site. Players can get eligible online, if they are lucky, for the World Series of Poker.  Here, people can go to the basics and learn the art of playing poker online.

At ‘William Hill Poker’, people can download the software free of charge as with other sites. Players can receive free tokens on the initial deposit ranging even up to four thousand dollars. This site offers exceptional loyalty bonuses.

At ‘BWIN Poker’, they have an interesting free poker client launch demonstration. They also have a poker school, links to tournaments, promotions and events taking place all the time.

At ‘Paddy Power Poker’, the initial deposit bonus is very generous. There are chances to qualify for the World Series of Poker and they advertise quite boldly that they are not affected by the recent United States action against the online poker sites.

At ‘Betfair Poker’, the signing up bonus is $2500. They also have promotions enabling the players to qualify for the World Series of Poker. They teach new online poker players on how they can build up their bank rolls.

A PayPal poker site gives us extra ordinary level of safety and provides its users with excellent service. People can feel safe, that their money and privacy is completely secured with PayPal which is regarded as the world’s foremost online payment transaction operator.

We recommend 888Poker the best poker room that accepts paypal. They have a great poker software and a great first deposit bonus with many ongoing promotions. Check out 888 Poker now.

Poker tools

poker toolsAre poker tools really worth it? The short answer is YES. If you are a recreational player, then you may not need a poker tool, However if you play poker to win some money, then you will need at least one poker tool.

Poker tools can be used for different purposes: odds calculator, winning advice, hand analysis etc.

Calculatem Pro:

Probably the most important poker tool is the odds calculator and there is no better tool that can do the job then Calculatem Pro. You don’t have to count outs and you don’t even need to know what outs are. Calculatem Pro tells you the hand and pot odds and it also tells you whether to Fold, Check, Call, Raise or Re-Raise. The graphical interface is very user friendly.

The best part is that you can get this poker tool for free.

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Texas Calculatem:

Another great tool is Texas Calculatem. The difference between Calculatem Pro and Texas Calculatem is that the first calculates both pot odds and hand odds, whereas Texas Calculatem only calculates the odds of your winning hands.

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Online Poker vs Live Poker

Online Poker is any day better than Live Poker.

Many people nowadays want to play a game of poker online and simply refuse to play it live. There are others who achieve a right mix between the live games and the online ones. This happens when we have our regular friends or club members that we would like to relax and spend time with besides playing a game of poker with them. Since the advent of internet, online poker has picked up tremendously and has become very popular. Yet, there are still some people who prefer the feel of the greenish table felt to the click of their mouses. It is this lot who have missed out in coming to grips with the great possibilities that are on offer by playing poker online. Online poker vs. live poker will make the edge tilt heavily in favor of online poker.

The main reason why playing poker online is better than playing it live is because there is always a game available to be played. Particularly, the evenings of weekdays and weekends will find hundreds of people entering the online poker games. There are people we will find any time of the day round the week at online poker. For the online poker enthusiasts, an irritating aspect of playing live is to wait until they find enough players to start playing the game whenever they want to play. With playing online poker vs. live poker, we do not have to wait so much even though we may not always find a game of our preference instantly.
While playing online poker vs. live poker, we do not have to gout of the house. We can be very much comfortable inside. We save on the traveling expense and the worry of getting back home early to rest after driving through the traffic on the roads. We also save money on the food and the drinks at the club or casino.

Online poker vs. live poker is less expensive. If we go to a card room in a club or a casino, we may not find the rakes priced lower and sometimes when we win a hand, the dealers expect a tip from us.

Online poker vs. live poker wins because with on+line poker, there are many hands in ratio per hour. There is no waiting for the cards to be shuffled by the dealer. When the ratio of hands per hour is high with online poker, we get so many more chances and higher strike rate of succeeding. There are some online players of poker who want to play on several tables simultaneously like, say, playing ‘Scrabble’ online. The hand per hour ratio multiplies even more with this scenario. When we spread our kitty across many tables at lower stakes online, our risk ratio of losing heavy amounts comes down drastically. While playing live poker, we have to keep track of our wins losses or even our breaking even. We do not have to do this with online poker because we get access to our game history and statistics. So, online poker vs. live poker wins hands down comprehensively.

Party Poker is one of the best online poker rooms. Check them out today and get an exclusive first deposit bonus.

Tips from Pros to Play Better Poker Online

Since internet has entered the house through our personal computer systems and our laptops, online poker has come to stay and has gone up in demand. Good players will treat each game as a learning session on all facets. Besides sharpening our won skills while playing a game, we can gain from online poker tips from pros.

The pros tell us not to be afraid to raise our ante. When we hold a good hand, we can safely bet a good amount. We can slide the other players into the poker hand by raising the bets slowly. If a player re-raises over our large bet again, we should not get afraid to call. It is a tendency with some players to scare confident betters by trying to re-raise. The online poker tips from pros tell us that when we know that we have a possible winning hand, we cannot afford to get scared by such re-raising. If we fold a good hand on account of someone else’s re-raising, then we are squandering our chances of a good win and throwing our good fortune away.

Good players have to learn to play confidently. This confidence shows when we can stay the hand when we know that we have a good chance of winning. Those players will most succeed when they are able to take chances and poker is a game of chance. This is one of the best online poker tips from pros.

Another good tip is not to under bet.  When we do this, we will allow more players to stay in the game. What happens here is that someone will get lucky and it may not be us when that someone can hit on cards and beat us. The secret is to bet just high enough for people to think or get scared. This is once again relative to the confidence we have. Actually, one of the most valuable online poker tips from pros is that the winners are those kinds of people who know when to be careful and when to show aggression exactly.

Good online poker tips from pros show us the way to deal with a draw. We have to be extremely cautious when we need one more card to have a superb hand when we have a draw. Here, many players will tend to show lot of excitement. In nervousness, they will try and bet very high and may lose the hand in the end. Here, invariably, we have to bet small or even check. The only way we can bet high is when we are sure that the other players do not have much on their hand. Only extra ordinary players with extremely good memory can keep a track of all the cards that have come on display at the counter during the course of the game.

There is one rule that applies to horse racing, gambling or any game of chance. That is, we cannot win continuously. There is ever increasing fresh competition and fortune will not favor us all the time. However, good online poker tips from pros guide us to play smartly all the hands and try and make sharp decisions so that we can succeed at a higher rate with every online game of poker.

If you are looking for a great poker site check out Party Poker. It is one of the most trusted poker sites at the moment.

Fulltilt, Pokerstars, AP, UB closed?

I’m sure you heard the bad news. The domain names Fulltiltpoker.com, Pokerstars.com, AbsolutePoker.com and UB.com were seized by the FBI. On Friday April 15, 2011 these poker sites were charged with bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling. The good news is that these poker sites did not close, but they don’t allow US players anymore.

What does this mean to the players?

This is especially bad news for US players. Pokerstars and Full Tilt already pulled out of the US market and it is not clear if or when they will be back. Pokerstars assures that all player balances will be unaffected, however I am not sure about the American accounts. For European players everything remains the same.

How can I withdraw my money from these poker sites?

  • Full tilt poker: www.fulltiltpoker.co.uk
  • Pokerstars: www.pokerstars.eu
  • UB: www.ubpoker.eu
  • Absolute Poker: www.absolutepoker.eu

What should European players do?

I recommend you find another poker site, until the situation is resolved. Party Poker has always been the most trusted poker site in my eyes. I don’t recommend you play on FT,Stars,UB or AP for now.

What’s next?

I have no idea. This is by far the biggest news in Online Poker, at least since 2006. It is also unclear which one the biggest poker room will be in the future. Poker sites that still accept US players are Bodog, Cake Poker and Carbon Poker. It’s also possible that all poker rooms will pull out of the US market, which would mean no online poker for US players. Leave a comment and tell us what you think about this.

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What is a first deposit poker bonus?

Oh, that lovely deposit poker bonus. The starting cash you can use when you make your first deposit is definitely a terrific thing, even if it does often come with terms and conditions that might mean you have to play for a while before you can pull it down. Still, even a sticky bonus – one that stays in your account and can’t be pulled out – can help you bet for a lot more money than you would otherwise be able to. If you are thinking that you would like to be able to win more than a bonus is definitely the first thing you need to seek out before you start up with your first account or, if you plan to switch to a new casino or online poker site, before you open the account at the new site.

Fortunately, we now live in era when the web is absolutely loaded with great bonus offers and you can get up to $600 at most casinos today to sign up. This means that you will generally have to deposit matching funds. That can translate to a deposit of $300 putting $600 in your account or it may mean that you can get $1,200 if you deposit $600, depending upon the terms of that particular site. No matter which way you go, be sure to read all of the details and understand exactly how that particular bonus works if you want to be able to make the most of it. A lot of sites will actually give you a bonus every time you deposit and this is usually 20% or around that figure. This is definitely a plus, so if you get a big introductory bonus then also make sure that the site gives you the kind of bonus on each subsequent deposit that you would really like to see. If you can make the most of these bonuses you have a lot more to work with for your bankroll, but don’t forget to find out if you can withdraw that money or if there are restrictions that mean it must stay in the bank until you have spent a specific amount of money in deposits.

One mistake that beginners make when they get a bonus is they treat it like free money. In reality, no money is ever free whether it’s in a bonus or not. You would be wise to treat the bonus as your own cash and play it the same way you would if it came straight out of your wallet. There is no sense in throwing it to the wind just so you can have a short spree of fun and then need to either use your own deposit money or make yet another deposit. Play sensibly all of the time, whether with bonus money or your own, and you are bound to see a whole lot more success in this game than those who blow their cash simply because it is possible to do so.

A bonus can be your ticket to very big winnings if you play it right so always make the most of each one you receive.

Making your first poker deposit – Poker Payment methods

Are you new to deposit bonuses? No problem. We tell you everything you have to know. Depositing is simple an instant (in most cases).

The poker room bonuses are here

On most poker rooms you can use the following deposit methods:

Credit card

This is the most used deposit method. It’s easy and almost everybody has a credit card nowadays.

  • Deposits: instant
  • Withdawals: within 3-5 days


We can totally recommend this deposit option. Also for withdrawals. Moneybooker transactions are fast and secure. If you don’t want to give credit card information to poker rooms then use MoneyBookers. If you don’t have an account yet click here. Registration is FREE and easy!

  • Deposits: instant
  • Withdawals: within 2-6 hours


Steer clear from check deposits or withdrawals. This is the worst option you can choose. It can take up to 20 days to

* Deposits: 7-20 days
* Withdawals: 7-20 days

Bank wire transfer

This means that you send money from you bank account directly to your online
poker rooms.  Relatively easily done, requires your bank account information.

* Deposits: instant
* Withdawals: within 2-3 days


It is done using a paysafe card which can be bought online or offline and shops, gas stations…. It is manily used in Germany, Spain.

* Deposits: instant
* Withdawals: n/a


Same as MoneyBookers. We recommend MoneyBookers over Neteller.

* Deposits: instant
* Withdawals: 2-6 hours