Making your first poker deposit – Poker Payment methods

Are you new to deposit bonuses? No problem. We tell you everything you have to know. Depositing is simple an instant (in most cases).

The poker room bonuses are here

On most poker rooms you can use the following deposit methods:

Credit card

This is the most used deposit method. It’s easy and almost everybody has a credit card nowadays.

  • Deposits: instant
  • Withdawals: within 3-5 days


We can totally recommend this deposit option. Also for withdrawals. Moneybooker transactions are fast and secure. If you don’t want to give credit card information to poker rooms then use MoneyBookers. If you don’t have an account yet click here. Registration is FREE and easy!

  • Deposits: instant
  • Withdawals: within 2-6 hours


Steer clear from check deposits or withdrawals. This is the worst option you can choose. It can take up to 20 days to

* Deposits: 7-20 days
* Withdawals: 7-20 days

Bank wire transfer

This means that you send money from you bank account directly to your online
poker rooms.  Relatively easily done, requires your bank account information.

* Deposits: instant
* Withdawals: within 2-3 days


It is done using a paysafe card which can be bought online or offline and shops, gas stations…. It is manily used in Germany, Spain.

* Deposits: instant
* Withdawals: n/a


Same as MoneyBookers. We recommend MoneyBookers over Neteller.

* Deposits: instant
* Withdawals: 2-6 hours

Poker in the world of television

The success of poker games online has been taken to a different level where poker on TV is getting popularized. The embracement of TV and internet has resulted in the mainstreaming of TV poker which has become a world famous pastime for poker lovers around the world. poker on tv
Regardless of whether poker games are to be legally accepted or not, this reality poker on TV is the hottest among poker players. As different from other game shows on television, poker on TV comes with instructions sandwiched between the shows. This includes ideas of internet sites and other references from where players could learn more about what they have been playing for years.
The growing relevance for the fact that, anyone can become a millionaire, playing poker games helped the increased popularity of poker on TV. Recent studies and statistics show that poker shows are some of the most widely watched sport through cable televisions. In fact, it stands third to car race and football.

The most popular reason for the success of poker on TV is the growth of satellite games online and the opportunity got for both amateurs and professionals to enjoy tournaments in an inexpensive way.

Entertainment and knowledge are mixed in equal quantities in the TV shows of poker tournaments. Players learn lessons from the comfort of their home. The trend seen nowadays with the popular TV poker brings professional players and celebrities to the audience. This has also been a positive factor for the publicity of poker on TV.

The favorable reasons for poker on TV are expected to support this for the coming years as well.

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