Party Poker vs Pokerstars

To tell you the truth this is a though choice. Both poker sites are great: Party poker was the biggest poker site until the UIGEA and since then Pokerstars is the largest poker room. There is a restriction for US players. Party Poker cannot accept them, so if you are from the US, then Pokerstars is your only choice.

Party Poker’s advantages

– I like the poker software better, but this is only personal preference.
– Recommended for beginners compared to Pokerstars.
– Partypoker offers a no download version of the poker site.

Pokerstars’s advantages

– Largest poker site.
– Better poker pros.
– Accepts US players.

Both are a good choice. My advice is to try them both and see for yourself which one you like more. Of cource if you are from the US you have no choice; you have to go with Pokerstars.

Click the link if you are looking for a partypoker bonus code.

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