Full Tilt Poker On Demand tournaments

After the success of Rush Poker, FTP continues to revolutionize the poker industry. The newest addition is called On Demand Tournaments.

What are on demand tournaments on Full Tilt Poker?

On Demand is a mix of SNG’s and MTT’s (sit and gos and multi-table tournaments). The game starts as normally: after the required number of players are registered, you get started. However there is one new feature: late registration. Even if the tournament has already started you are still able to register.

The tournament shows the On demand late registration level and after reaching this level no new players will be able to register. This is a great new feature for those who don’t want to wait minutes for a tournament to begin. You will always find an On Demand tournament that just started a few minutes ago.

How do you know if a tournament is On Demand?

There is a new icon in the lobby. Next to the title of the tournament you will see a little “D” letter which stands for Demand.

Use the Full Tilt Poker referral code and try out Rush poker and On demand tournaments.

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